Cookin’ With Beans & Rice


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Product Description

This book offers valuable information on how to store and effectively use beans and rice in everyday cooking. It also contains over 100 pages worth of bean and rice recipes. Beans and Rice together make up a complete protein which you can live on easily. This book contains Authentic Mexican recipes. Helpful hints for using food storage and much more.

This cookbook is one in a series of books written on the subject of food storage. Because dry beans and rice store so well, people are storing large quantities of these food items. This book has 165 pages of wonderful recipes. Because beans and rice eaten together make a complete protein, they can be substituted for meat in the diet. This book has many charts on how to cook the various types of beans and rice, as well as many helpful hints.

Table of Contents:

Intro to rice pgs. 7-17,

Main Dishes pgs. 19-55,

Breakfast Foods pgs 56-58,

Salads pgs 59-65,

Desserts pgs 66-72,

Intro to beans pgs. 73-85,

Main Dishes 87-111,

Salads pgs 112-118,

Desserts pgs 119-123,

Soups pgs 124-140,

Chili pgs 141-149,

Lentils pgs. 150-154.