Cookin’ With Powdered Milk


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Product Description

Cookin’ With Powdered Milk is a great to have food storage cookbook dealing specifically with powdered milk. Peggy Layton, the author of Cookin’ With Powdered Milk, will help you learn the best ways to use and store powdered milk as well as a number of delicious recipes that are tried and tested.

Also comes with a reconstituting chart, recommended milk storage levels per person/per year as well as how to make yogurt, cottage cheese, and many types of other cheese. A variety of yummy recipes have been tested by the USDA and U.S. Dairy council. The book is a must for anyone who has powdered milk in their food storage, which is practically everyone!

Cookin’ With Powdered Milk by Peggy Layton is loaded with a wide variety of powdered milk food storage recipes that have been tested by many people over the years.