EZYogurt Probiotic 5 Pack


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Product Description

EZYogurtMaker™ ProBiotic Starter – 5 Pack – Makes 160 Total Servings (equivalent to 160 – 4 oz. yogurts)

A specially formulated mixture of 11 different ProBiotics(Yogurt/Kefir Cultures) to be used with your EZYogurtMaker™.

This medley of multiple ProBiotic cultures is designed to thrive exactly at your body temperature so they can do you the most good once they are inside your body.

Each packet is sealed with just the right amount of starter for a complete gallon or half gallon bottle. No measuring, sterilizing, mixing… required.

Just add to fresh bottle of milk, shake to mix throughout the bottle, slide on the EZYogurtMaker™, and plug it in so it can work its magic while you are sleeping or at work or school (~8 hours). Then gently put into the refrigerator to cool. Flavor as desired and enjoy!